für jemanden, den ich über alles liebe!!!

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Beschreibung für jemanden, den ich über alles liebe!!!
ausführliche Beschreibung You<br>
I’m sorry for what I’ve done<br>
Have been where I don’t belong<br>
Let my thoughts just drift away<br>
Made a mistake, that’s all I can say<br>
I never knew someone like you<br>
You know how to take away the blue<br>
You made me smile once again<br>
You’re the one who lend me a hand<br>
I’m happy, our ways have crossed<br>
There were many times I’ve felt lost<br>
But now I know there’s someone to trust in<br>
Someone I’ve never believed in<br>
Someone who understands me<br>
Someone who makes me happy<br>
You’re always there when I feel alone<br>
Like yesterday, when everything went wrong<br>
I walked to you, ‘cause I was missing a friend<br>
It was a feeling of fear that I couldn’t mend<br>
Don’t wanted to stay alone anymore<br>
Heard the angels cry, I was sure…<br>
Felt desperate like I often do<br>
Hid my feelings, don’t wanted you<br>
To know how I feel, to know what was up<br>
To know that my life was out of luck<br>


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